Redefining Higher Education on a digital context, while promoting a common, inclusive and sustainable framework based on EU best practices and policy recommendations
18-21 March 2024 | Tbilisi, Georgia

On-site Kick-off Meeting

The meeting lasted 3 days for two participants from every organization. During the Kick-off meeting the consortium set the basis for on the one hand, the efficient implementation of the project and on the other hand the proper communication during the project.
Redefining Higher Education on a digital context, while promoting a common, inclusive and sustainable framework based on EU best practices and policy recommendations

RE-DIRECTION will constitute a transformative work on the issues aroused after the digital usage expansion in HE bringing forward national actors and stakeholders for the showcase of the needs of different HEIs of Ukraine and Georgia and on a country level. We aim to train staff and trainers, concerning the redesigned curricula developed and craft policy recommendations on connectivity issues of remote HEIs, with ultimate goals to equally meet the labor market needs as well as learners’ needs, match the essential skills and jobs, adapt to fast-changing workplace requirements and bring forward innovative skills. In detail, RE-DIRECTION aims at reinforcing Ukrainian and Georgian Universities with innovative forms of teaching, by redesigning and updating current curricula covering the triphasic spectrum of digitalization, sustainability and inclusivity. At the same time, we envisage to create this change homogenously towards target country HEIs and for this reason a Methodological Framework will be developed, based on the desk and field research, putting evidence on the current trends, societal skills demand, best practices and identifying gaps and inefficiencies. During the development phase of the curricula, we will develop both core and specialized courses which will be validated by a Consultation Committee, reassuring the standards are maintained and regulations are followed. Simultaneously, our project will put a great focus on remote HEIs and institutions of vulnerable communities. During the piloting phase of the redesigned curricula important data will be extracted, emphasizing on connectivity issues of remote HEIS and/or students residing in remote areas. Based on the findings, we will involve stakeholders and policy makers in the development of policy recommendations in key areas such as: connectivity solutions, access to IT infrastructure, partnership with ISPs and innovative solutions i.e. 5G and mesh networks.
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Beneficiaries of the Project
Beneficiaries of the RE-DIRECTION Project are 13 higher educational institutions from Ukraine, Georgia, Germany and Greece supported by 2 Ministries and Consulting Agency
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